Monday, June 22, 2015

my third post of the nite! makin up 4 lost time i guess!

on June 1 promptly at 12 noon Princess Adriana Denice Rocha came into this world 2 reign over her parents Emily & Basillio Rocha!
she is such a precious baby girl!
i could just hold her & kiss on her all day!
for those of u who dont know Emily is my baby daughter!
this is her 1st child & my 6th grandbaby! (theyll always b babies 2 me!)
that makes 3 girls & 2 boys now!
whos gonna b next girls?
we need another boy 2 even things up!

Im BaCk #2

ive just been reading over past posts & i realized how many times ive not blogged 4 a long time & then come back but i dont think its ever been as long as this time!
the last post really should have been titled Im BaCk #2 bc there already was another one with that title
im feeling very verbose tonight or maybe its just a case of verbal diaheria.(sorry if i gross anybody out!)
been thinking a lot about that the past few days bc we had our colonoscopy 2day
yes i said we
we had a couples Colonoscopy!
we were running out of ideas for dates after almost 39 yrs!!haha!
i did fine but hubby had a hard time!
his stomach was hurting a lot & he was bloated from the air they put in u
his stomach was visibly bigger!
i wanted 2 call the drs office abt it but of course he didnt want me 2!
our discharge papers said if u have severe abdominal pain 2 call them
i didnt really know just how severe it was until later when it finally eased up & he said it was probably the worst pain hes ever had in his life!
he had said he was going 2 go 2 work this afternoon but he wasnt supposed 2
well....i had no problem keeping him home!
the pain took care of that!
poor guy!
there was nothing i could do 4 him either!
thank goodness hes feelin better now except 4 his stomach muscles being sore from the bloating!

iM BaCk!!!!

after 3 1/2 years i decided i want 2 blog again!
drum roll plz!
i know all of u have been waiting 4 this moment since i stopped!
plz try 2 contain urselves!
now maybe i wont feel the need 2 write so many facebook posts about stuff a lot of people don't even care about! (or maybe not! maybe i ll just write twice as many! here & on facebook!)
i can write them on here
i gotta write them somewhere!
i might explode if i dont!
i dont have anybody 2 talk 2 very often so i need an outlet!
also lets face it!
i just LOVE 2 talk!
at least on here u can choose 2 read it or not
i know u can do that on facebook 2 but here it doesnt just pop up in ur face like it does on facebook
i just had a thought:
maybe I use so many ! in my writing because my life is an !
i feel everything strongly!
my highs r extreme & my lows r extreme!
my thoughts r going to jump around from 1 thought 2 the other in my writing bc thats the way they come 2 me in my head
random thoughts come into my head all the time
i'll b talkin about 1 thing & then i'll start talking about something else
this makes people really confused sometimes but thats just the way my brain works!
u c how my thoughts just changed from talking abt facebook and blogs to my highs & lows 2 random thoughts quickly!
just a little forewarning!

Monday, December 31, 2012

My Quotes

I love quotes! I have tons of them written down. I've come up with some of my own:

Grandchildren are the definition of joy!~Carol Beck

My children are my heart. My grandchildren are the heart within my heart.~Carol Beck

Don't pray for anything that you aren't ready to accept the answer for.~Carol Beck
(whatever it might be! you don't know the way that God is going to answer your prayer. i learned this from personal experience! the most painful thing that has ever happened to me in my life was the answer to a prayer.)

~*~*~Im BaCk!!!!~*~*~

i bet your thinking LONG TIME NO HEAR FROM! (a famous quote by my hubbie, Steve. he gets his quotes a little mixed up sometimes. :) its a family joke now & we all use the expression). hope you dont have any ill effects from the shock! im thinkin about starting to blog again for the new year. actually it was previously mentioned hubbies idea (not that i have more then i)! i  used to really enjoy blogging a lot. gonna try it again!
ive been thinking a lot about resolutions & ive come up with 2 biggies!
 #1 is the same one i have every year~lose weight. fat chance of that happening! actually hubbie & i are going to give it a try together. maybe thatll help me have more success.
#2 is getting organized. this is a monumental task, but im gonna give it a shot. i get overwhelmed when i think about all there is to do
here are some suggestions this lady on tv gave for keeping resolutions:

be as specific as possibly
set short term goals
have a plan for when you get off track~get back on track asap
limit new changes~1 at a time
set a time limit
make many changes with spouse

losing weight:
rid home of temptations
reward your successes
expect to fall of track occasionally~get back on track asap

sound like some really good suggestions i think. huh?
gotta get back to pinterest, my obsession. it used to be facebook, but now pinterest has taken over the top spot. i still do facebook just not as often.if i didnt do facebook id never know what was going on in the world!

later alligator!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm in Utah right now visiting my adorable granddaughter, McKinley, my daughter, Megan, and my son-in-law Travis. I got here on Tuesday the 15th and I am going to be here until Friday the 25th. Travis went out of town a few days this last week and Steve is going to be out of town all next week and neither Megan or I wanted to spend the time alone. We have been shopping, visiting relatives, shopping, eating out, and shopping! I didn't shop at all when I was in that bad place that I talked about in the last post, so I guess I'm making up for lost time! In our family two things that we always do when we get together is shop and eat out.(except the guys don't go shopping very often. Especially Steve!) I have taught those girls well! Mandy, my oldest, says my oldest granddaughter Gabriella, who is 3, even loves to shop! The tradition continues!
By the way... in case I've never told you... I have the cutest grandkids in the world!!! It brings me SO much joy just to be around them!!! I absolutely love every minute!!! I'm very blessed to have them!!!
I'm also very blessed to have 4 beautiful daughters!!! I love spending time with them!!! They make me SO proud!!! (I don't mean to make ya'll feel 2nd place! You were my first loves!!! After Dad, of course!)
And speaking of Steve... I love that man more every day!!!(even after 34 1/2 years!!!)
I'm feeling very grateful lately!!! Just had to share!!!

I'M BLOGGING AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you can't believe it but... I'M BLOGGING AGAIN!!!!! You know for sure I must be in a good place!!! I used to love blogging, but for a VERY long time I was in a bad place and I wasn't motivated to do any blogging (or anything else for that matter). GLAD TO BE BACK!!!!