Monday, June 22, 2015

Im BaCk #2

ive just been reading over past posts & i realized how many times ive not blogged 4 a long time & then come back but i dont think its ever been as long as this time!
the last post really should have been titled Im BaCk #2 bc there already was another one with that title
im feeling very verbose tonight or maybe its just a case of verbal diaheria.(sorry if i gross anybody out!)
been thinking a lot about that the past few days bc we had our colonoscopy 2day
yes i said we
we had a couples Colonoscopy!
we were running out of ideas for dates after almost 39 yrs!!haha!
i did fine but hubby had a hard time!
his stomach was hurting a lot & he was bloated from the air they put in u
his stomach was visibly bigger!
i wanted 2 call the drs office abt it but of course he didnt want me 2!
our discharge papers said if u have severe abdominal pain 2 call them
i didnt really know just how severe it was until later when it finally eased up & he said it was probably the worst pain hes ever had in his life!
he had said he was going 2 go 2 work this afternoon but he wasnt supposed 2
well....i had no problem keeping him home!
the pain took care of that!
poor guy!
there was nothing i could do 4 him either!
thank goodness hes feelin better now except 4 his stomach muscles being sore from the bloating!

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