Wednesday, November 26, 2008


natalie says we are going to have a wellspring lake turkey trot in the morning. she says steve and i can ride our bikes. she says its only 3 miles! i keep telling her you have to work into these things gradually! well see what happens! i told her i might not be able to stand up and cook dinner if i do it! she doesnt seem concerned! ill let you know how it turns out! maybe this will be my last post EVER!


you want to know about stress? hows this- i just got my oven fixed today at 11 am and im having 8 people for thanksgiving dinner tommorrow!!! it will be megan, travis, travis' parents, emily, her boyfriend bossy, steve, and i for dinner. we are having a big thanksgiving breakfast with natalie and matt because they are eating dinner with matts family and then going back to austin for the university of texas/texas a&m game one of the biggest rivalries ever! texas should have no problem beating them unless they start thinking they will have no problem. all i have to say about it is "hook 'em horns"!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


a friend of mine gave me a letter and asked me to come up with 10 things i love that start with that letter. so here goes:
1.decorating-whether its for holidays or just my house!
2.death by chocolate bluebell ice cream-chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and brownie chunks! its only a limited release but its my favorite ice cream in the whole world!
3.danielle steele books-she is my favorite author! she writes 2 books a year and im always waiting for the next one to come out!
4.december-i love this time of the year and the christmas spirit!
5.debating-i like debating issues that i know something about!(especially with natalie!)
6.doing anything with my grandkids!!!(you know i had to get them in here somehow!)
7.dallas-because thats where my grandkids live!!!(well a suburb of dallas anyway! thats still in the dallas surrounding area!)
8.designing and making my own cards!
9.decorative painting-im not too good at it but i enjoy it!
10.done-being done with a project! its so fulfilling!
it was pretty hard, laura, but i enjoyed it! i have to say i did cheat at little and ask my family for help on a couple of them when i was really stumped! i really wanted to do this all myself but i wanted to get done before the new year!!! this took me several days to complete! if anyone else wants to give it a try just let me know and ill give you a letter!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


megan made a post on her blog about 10 things she is grateful for. i decided to do it too. i challenge anyone who reads this to do the same.
1.God who loves me no matter what!
2.My husband who puts up with me no matter what!
3.My daughters who i love so very much no matter what! (you knew i had to say that girls even though you really arent hard to love!)
4.My precious grandchildren who i love more than i can say!
5.My extended family! (my mom, my sisters, my brother, my brother in laws, my sister in laws, my nieces, my nephews, and their kids)
6.My son in laws!
7.My friends!
8.My freedom and the privilege to live in the greatest country on earth!
9.My health in general, even though i have a lot of little quirks!
10.My material blessings!

Friday, November 14, 2008


a lot of people use their blog to reveal their intermost thoughts. that would probably be a good thing for me so i could just get my feelings out in the open. like a form of therapy. but i guess i dont want other people, unless i am really close to them, to know what my intermost feelings are. i think i am afraid they will judge me. i am so impressed by people who can just let go and tell their feelings! there arent that many people i am that close to anyway. i wish there were more. i really dont have any close friends right now that are available to me. either they are too busy or they live too far away. i need some buddies i can just hang out with and talk to. as my kids would say i need to get a life! (thats because they were my life for so many years and now that they are grown i dont have one!) i have too much time on my hands. i really am not involved in hardly anything that would help me make friends. i live in a new place (if you call 2 years new) and i dont really have the motivation to get out and meet people even though i know thats what i need to do! weird huh? im going to venture out and make one admission. i am depressed! to anyone who knows me well this will be no surprise! is there anybody out there who is reading this who needs a friend?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i am back from utah now. i am worn out! we went strong everyday. i got sick the last few days i was there but i kept on going anyway. we went to the womens expo on saturday and to ninas (my niece) birthday party on saturday night. i slept all day monday after getting home on sunday night. im trying to come back to life today. my suitcases still arent unpacked and the halloween decorations are still up.(i left the morning after halloween). had a great time though!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i came to utah on saturday to visit megan and travis. steve left for the middle east the same day on a business trip. we have been shopping, going to the movies, shopping, playing cards, shopping, visiting relatives, and shopping! we kinda like shopping in case you couldnt tell!
this morning we woke up and it was snowing! it has snowed almost all day long. it is so beautiful especially to someone who lives in texas. the people who live here may not appreciate it like i didnt when we lived in wyoming. i just thought of it as a nuisance -bad roads, shoveling sidewalks (not that i ever shoveled any) and etc. the mountains are especially beautiful covered in a blanket of snow. there are still a lot of fall leaves. they are really breathtaking too.
i will be going home on sunday. back to indian summer probably.


i dont think a lot of people realize what yesterday may mean for our country. do they really want our country to be socialist? do they want people who work hard to have their money taken away from them because others who dont work as hard or dont want to work dont make as much money? i realize there are other people with different curcumstances who need help but should people that have more money be punished because these people dont have as much? people with more money already pay more then the poor so give them some of that money. isnt this nation based on equality? shouldnt everyone be taxed at the same percentage of what they make?
also i dont think we can just forget about some of the ties our president elect has to very unamerican people. even though he says he doesnt associate with them anymore when youve been worshipping at a church for 20 yeats and the preacher is your mentor and the one who married you i dont see how you can not have some of the same beliefs! and what about his buddy who is a self pro claimed terrorist?
im afraid we have some very dark days to come!