Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i am back from utah now. i am worn out! we went strong everyday. i got sick the last few days i was there but i kept on going anyway. we went to the womens expo on saturday and to ninas (my niece) birthday party on saturday night. i slept all day monday after getting home on sunday night. im trying to come back to life today. my suitcases still arent unpacked and the halloween decorations are still up.(i left the morning after halloween). had a great time though!


Those Dandy Dillards said...

My challenge to you - post some more pictures on your blog. For example, you can right click on and save the family picture of my family from facebook. Save it in your pictures folder on your computer. Then do a new blog post with that in the post. I will email you the instructions again for how to upload a photo.

Leslie said...

great to have you back! Sorry that you got sick toward the end but glad that you made the most of your time. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. You should be able to link to mine from this comment.