Sunday, August 31, 2008


so it looks like gustav isnt coming to houston. we will probably get rain from it but thats probably all. im certainly glad that it isnt coming here, but i was going to go to dallas if it did head this way. now i wont get to see my grandbabies. why dont i just go anyway you say? thats a very good question. maybe i will do just that!

Friday, August 29, 2008


a little bit in my defense on the last blog........ steve had borrowed my car the night before and had filled it up. i think that if i had filled it up that recently i would have remembered doing it and i would have know it was full. doesnt help me out too much but a little!


who wants to hear how stupid i am? yesterday as i was driving on 59 i saw a sign that said "hurricane season. keep your tank full" i looked at mine and it was completely empty! i was running late for a dr appointment so i decided to get it afterward. well (my girls say this is my favorite word) afterwards i went to this shell station near the dr office. i slid my credit card and put the nozzle in the tank and pushed on the handle but it kept shutting off. i kept trying it every way i could but it still kept shutting off. i went inside and asked the guy if something was wrong with that pump. He said just push hard. i tried a while longer then finally gave up and went in search of another gas station. it happened to be another shell. i tried that one and the same thing. i also went inside there and asked that guy what was wrong. he said nothing of course. well i decided the shell stations must of gotten new pumps or something and that they didnt work very well with my car. so i went in search of a gas station that was anything but shell. you wouldnt believe how many shells there are around that area! finally i found a valero and can you believe it. it did the same thing! i had already decided to stop in at the car dealership where i bought my car to ask some questions since i was in the area so i thought i would just add to my list that there was something wrong with my car because it wouldnt let me put gas in. on the way there i happened to look at the gas gauge again and realized that the arrow was pointing to the all the way full side instead the all the way empty! i had been wondering why the low fuel light had never come on. boy did i feel like a fool! well its not the first time and im very sure it wont be the last!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


this weekend we went to austin to take natalie out for her birthday dinner and to attend the wedding of megans friend michelle. megan flew in friday night and her and steve drove to san antonio saturday because michelle and her fiance were getting married in the san antonio temple. they are mormons. after that they drove to austin and met up with everybody else for the birthday dinner. emily, bossy, and i had driven to austin that morning. steve went back home in the afternoon and emily, bossy, and i went to the wedding reception. oh yeah, i forgot to say that megan was a bridesmaid in the wedding so she was already at the reception. then those of us still in austin spent the night at nat and matts house. this morning we got up and drove to houston and dropped megan off at the airport and then we came home. maybe it all sounds like a whirlwind trip and thats probably because it was! please tell me there are not going to be any more weddings for me to go to this summer! i really dont mind that much as long as im not the one hosting them! this is definitely the summer of the weddings for me! by the way if any of you cant figure out who bossy is its emilys boyfriend. his real name is basilio (i hope i spelled it right or emily will yell at me). megan gave him the nickname of bossy, but he really isnt bossy at all! i think megan has hung around too much with her aunt julie! julie is the one who gives everyone nicknames.

Monday, August 11, 2008


i had a wonderful time on my travels but i am happy to be home again! (lets see how long that lasts). the nebraska reception was very nice. it was fun to spend the night with misty and troy and meet ryder. in salt lake i had fun visiting, seeing megan and travis new apartment, seeing megans school where she is going to be teaching, and shopping!!!! jakes wedding was very unique. i was glad to be there since i am his favorite aunt. its was very enjoyable to have the short period of time to spend with the grandbabies when we got home! i cant believe mandy was already having a 10 year high school reunion! ive got some catching up to do around here! better get to it!

Monday, August 4, 2008


the ring ceremony and reception were great! it looked beautiful, the food was excellent, and the turn out was really good! of course, the bride was beautiful! we did have some excitement though. we had to take megan, the bride, to the emergency room the night before the wedding. she had staff infection again. they gave her some strong antibiotics and sent her on her way. we also had to make another trip there the next night because doug , steves brother, threw carol, steves sister, into the pool and on her way in she hit a rock and it mashed a tendon. she had to go back home with crutches and a splint. the people at the hospital remembered us from the night before. we had a hilarious time at the emergency room, though, waiting for her to see the dr. it was carol (of course), doug, venetia, dougs wife, penny, steves sister, laressie, my sister, and i. we left home at 12:30 am and returned them to the hotel at 4:30 am just in time to pack up and head for the airport! the rest of the beck gang left later that afternoon. mother, laressie, sonja,my other sister, and michael , her husband, stayed until wednesday. we did a lot of shopping as we always do when we are together. wednesday afternoon after taking them to the airport, i had to have a rest! i had had quite a couple of weeks! i think it just all hit me! so i just rested that afternoon. thursday and friday i tried to get things back to normal around the house and pack. we left saturday morning to go to lincoln, nebraska for megan and travis open house there. it was on saturday night. it was very nice too. travis grew up in lincoln. we got to meet a lot of the hulses friends from there. we spent the night at mistys, doug and venetias daughter, in omaha, nebraska. then sunday morning we flew to salt lake city. steve left that afternoon to drive to colorado. he will be spending the week there on business. im staying in salt lake city. i will be spending time with megan and travis and the salt lake bunch (sally and gary, her husband and darla and mark, her husband). i will get to see megan and travis apartment, and megans school where she will be teaching, and help her set up her classroom. also i want to see them open their wedding presents which we shipped here from texas. they never got a chance to open them there. we will return home on saturday and mandy and matt and the grandbabies will be at our house. they are coming for mandys 10 year high school reunion. steve and i will be keeping the grandbabies while mandy and matt go to that. even though it hasnt been that long since ive seen the grandbabies, im still excited to see them again, of course. only 1 more daughter to get married and she says its going to be quite a while! thank goodness!