Friday, August 29, 2008


who wants to hear how stupid i am? yesterday as i was driving on 59 i saw a sign that said "hurricane season. keep your tank full" i looked at mine and it was completely empty! i was running late for a dr appointment so i decided to get it afterward. well (my girls say this is my favorite word) afterwards i went to this shell station near the dr office. i slid my credit card and put the nozzle in the tank and pushed on the handle but it kept shutting off. i kept trying it every way i could but it still kept shutting off. i went inside and asked the guy if something was wrong with that pump. He said just push hard. i tried a while longer then finally gave up and went in search of another gas station. it happened to be another shell. i tried that one and the same thing. i also went inside there and asked that guy what was wrong. he said nothing of course. well i decided the shell stations must of gotten new pumps or something and that they didnt work very well with my car. so i went in search of a gas station that was anything but shell. you wouldnt believe how many shells there are around that area! finally i found a valero and can you believe it. it did the same thing! i had already decided to stop in at the car dealership where i bought my car to ask some questions since i was in the area so i thought i would just add to my list that there was something wrong with my car because it wouldnt let me put gas in. on the way there i happened to look at the gas gauge again and realized that the arrow was pointing to the all the way full side instead the all the way empty! i had been wondering why the low fuel light had never come on. boy did i feel like a fool! well its not the first time and im very sure it wont be the last!

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