Sunday, August 31, 2008


so it looks like gustav isnt coming to houston. we will probably get rain from it but thats probably all. im certainly glad that it isnt coming here, but i was going to go to dallas if it did head this way. now i wont get to see my grandbabies. why dont i just go anyway you say? thats a very good question. maybe i will do just that!

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Kenzee Jo said...

Glad that it didn't head your way. Kind of scary to have to put up with weather like that. --It's me Kenzee Mullins (Ellsworth) by-the-way. Looks like you and your family are doing great. Everyone's getting married!! Natalie and Megan look very beautiful and happy on their days. I bet you are relaxing now that this summer is over...but only until Emily decides to take the plunge :]