Monday, August 11, 2008


i had a wonderful time on my travels but i am happy to be home again! (lets see how long that lasts). the nebraska reception was very nice. it was fun to spend the night with misty and troy and meet ryder. in salt lake i had fun visiting, seeing megan and travis new apartment, seeing megans school where she is going to be teaching, and shopping!!!! jakes wedding was very unique. i was glad to be there since i am his favorite aunt. its was very enjoyable to have the short period of time to spend with the grandbabies when we got home! i cant believe mandy was already having a 10 year high school reunion! ive got some catching up to do around here! better get to it!

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Dezaree said...

Hey Carol! How are you doing? My dad told me that he saw Steve while you were up for Jacob's wedding. I was up in Manila that week helping my mom and dad take care of Declan (Kenzee's little can look at her blog too, to see her family and trip to Africa...which is why my mom and dad were taking care of Declan in the first place.... ). My mom was in the hospital for a few days and needed help. It would have been nice to see you all, but couldn't get away. Steve was trying to convince my dad that the family should take a trip down to see you all. I think that would be awesome. I wish I would have gotten to see you all while Mandy was in Chandler. But of course my stupid work wouldn't allow me to do that. Well I thought I would say hi. Hope all is well. Take care!