Monday, June 30, 2008


the 26th was our 32nd anniversary! we decided to celebrate it over the weekend, so on friday night after steve got off work we drove to brenham. we stayed at a bed and breakfast there. then on saturday we did a little sight seeing. we went to washington on the brazos to take in a little texas history. after that we checked out a couple of antique shops in navasota. it was a nice little trip. im not sure if steve liked it as much as i did. he said he didnt really like old stuff. the bed and breakfast was an old house built in the 20s with lots of antiques in it. i think he liked going to washington on the brazos better. i think he may have turned into at least a partial texan! he even bought a copy of an old texas map.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


ive just been looking over my past posts and ive noticed that i have 2 posts dedicated to grandparenting and my grandchildren are mentioned in most of the other ones. youd think i was obsessed or something. its just that i think about them so much and love them more then i can say.


i have seen my grandchildren so much lately, that i am now having grandchild withdrawal! i think about holding ella and kissing her and chasing oli and playing games with him. ella will soon be to the age where she doesnt want to be held at all. she already is somewhat because she likes to roll around on the floor more then to be held. when she starts crawling that will probably be the end of the holding and if not then when she learns to walk which cant be too far behind. oli learns no telling how many new things everyday. he even surprises mandy sometimes at what he has picked up she doesnt know where. mandy is very good about reporting things they do and say to us, but i would still love to be there to see and hear it all in person. im sure im not the first grandparent to have had this feeling. steve and i have lived away from our parents for almost all of our married life. now i can see how it must have been for our parents. at least the granchildren dont live in arizona anymore! we get to see them SO much more often then we did then. ill just have to look forward to the next time i get to see them! i cant wait!

Monday, June 23, 2008


last weekend we went to utah for a family reunion of my husbands family. all 7 of his brothers and sisters were there and most of their spouses and children and grandchildren. there were quite a few of us there! i dont know the exact count but i know it was over 50 probably well over. we did a lot of talking, a lot of eating, had a barn dance, had a beauty pageant for the little girls, had a talent show, and some of us went rafting. that was a lot packed into 2 days! all in all i think everyone had a great time except maybe oliver, my grandson, towards the end. he kept asking to go to olivers house. he was ready to go home. his daddy told him they were going to drive in a car to the airport first, then get on a plane and fly, then change to another plane and fly some more, then drive home. his response was "no, go to olivers house first!" he is SO cute and SO smart! ella has 4 teeth now and will be crawling soon! i miss them already! i will be seeing them again in about a month at megans wedding if i can wait that long. otherwise i will have to make another trip to dallas before then to see them.


weekend before last i went to dallas to the wedding of the daughter of my best friend in high school. it was such a fun time seeing old friends some of whom i havent seen since high school, and thats been a while ago! i also spent several days with the grandbabies! i take every opportunity to do that! i was able to drive the whole 5 hours without getting sleepy! now that is really something because usually i cant drive more than an hour or 2 without getting sleepy! i just cranked up the music REALLY loud and jammed all the way there to the oldies from back in the day when i was in high school! the only bad thing is now steve will expect me to drive more when we go on trips together! ive already told him i wont be able to do it because he wont be able to stand the music that loud. all in all it was a nostalgic weekend with some grandmothering on the side. MEME LOVES YOU OLI AND ELLA!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


for 2 weeks my husband is going to be gone for business. this leaves me with no deadlines, like things i want to get done before he gets home or being at home before he gets home. for the 3 days since hes been gone i have mostly watched tv and slept. the only time i have been anywhere is to go out to eat with my youngest daughter and her boyfriend last night. my daughter is usually gone for most of the day between work and school and when she is home she is mostly in her room. this makes me realize how much my life revolves around my husband. i truly do miss him when hes gone. i can see that my life would not be the same without him. i guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


the week between natalies wedding and open house mandy and the grandbabies were here. i just love spending time with the babies! everybody always talks about how great it is to be a grandparent but you dont really know how great it is until you experience it for yourself! they are so much fun to play with and kiss, although oliver doesnt like the kissing part too much anymore. ella may not like it too much either but she is still too little to fend you off! you just gotta kiss a baby though especially one as precious and beautiful as ella! sometimes you can bribe oliver out of a kiss. for example you can tell him i will do this for you if you will give me a kiss. maybe thats a little underhanded but you gotta do whatever it takes to get those kisses! i live for the times when oliver tells me he loves me! he can be so sweet when he wants to but it has to be his idea! i guess thats what being 2 is all about. right?

Thursday, June 5, 2008


this is my second day to be home with nowhere to go. i had appointments monday and tuesday so i was kind of ready to stay home yesterday but two days in a row is too much. i get depressed and i dont really get too much done. i really need to get a life! unfortunately being depressed makes me not want to do anything so i dont get out and pursue things to do and ways to make new friends. ive been given lots of ideas but so far havent followed up on any of them. if anybody has any ideas let me know. maybe one of them will motivate me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


my second daughter got married on may 24. she was a beautiful bride and everything turned out really well! she got married in austin. that is where she and her husband lived already. well over 100 people attended. my other daughters were bridesmaids. my grandson was the ring bearer. he was adorable as usual! i got to see all of my immediate family and quite a few of their children and grandchildren. it was great to see them because we dont all get together very often. a lot of my husbands family came too, in fact, there were 30 of them staying at our house at one time! it really wasnt as bad as it sounds! we really enjoyed it. my daughter and her husband went to the dominican republic for their honeymoon. the next saturday after they got back we had an open house here for them. probably around 75 people came to that. my daughter and grandson and granddaughter stayed here for the week in between the wedding and the open house. we loved having them here so much as we always do when they come! in july we will get to do the whole thing over again because my third daughter is getting married! this is just the year for weddings in our family! (emily dont you dare!)


well.......i really dont have much to do these days since my kids are all grown up and so i decided it might be fun to have a blog for something to do. my daughter has one and i love reading it to see what my grandkids and her are doing. im basically a nosy person so i like reading other peoples blogs too. you find out so much from them. i dont really have a very interesting life right now but i can at least write about my thoughts and any interesting tidbits i come across. oh.... and of course i can always brag about my wonderful grandchildren! maybe even a thought or two about my kids. (just kidding girls. you know how proud i am of all of you!) i have a very hard working husband and he provides for us well which makes it able for me not to work outside the home. (thank you honey) we moved to fulshear 2 years ago in august and i still have things that are unpacked in the attic. (i guess i dont need them too bad if i havent used them in almost 2 years) i have a problem with getting rid of stuff. (i bet you couldnt figure that one out!) i am also addicted to ebay. i know the mailman wonders about me because i get so many packages. maybe if i spend time blogging i wont have so much time to ebay. (ha!ha!) when im not at home my favorite thing to do is shop. so basically at home or away my favorite thing to do is shop. (neither makes the husband too happy) so stay tuned for more of my not so exciting life...