Wednesday, June 4, 2008


my second daughter got married on may 24. she was a beautiful bride and everything turned out really well! she got married in austin. that is where she and her husband lived already. well over 100 people attended. my other daughters were bridesmaids. my grandson was the ring bearer. he was adorable as usual! i got to see all of my immediate family and quite a few of their children and grandchildren. it was great to see them because we dont all get together very often. a lot of my husbands family came too, in fact, there were 30 of them staying at our house at one time! it really wasnt as bad as it sounds! we really enjoyed it. my daughter and her husband went to the dominican republic for their honeymoon. the next saturday after they got back we had an open house here for them. probably around 75 people came to that. my daughter and grandson and granddaughter stayed here for the week in between the wedding and the open house. we loved having them here so much as we always do when they come! in july we will get to do the whole thing over again because my third daughter is getting married! this is just the year for weddings in our family! (emily dont you dare!)

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