Wednesday, June 4, 2008


well.......i really dont have much to do these days since my kids are all grown up and so i decided it might be fun to have a blog for something to do. my daughter has one and i love reading it to see what my grandkids and her are doing. im basically a nosy person so i like reading other peoples blogs too. you find out so much from them. i dont really have a very interesting life right now but i can at least write about my thoughts and any interesting tidbits i come across. oh.... and of course i can always brag about my wonderful grandchildren! maybe even a thought or two about my kids. (just kidding girls. you know how proud i am of all of you!) i have a very hard working husband and he provides for us well which makes it able for me not to work outside the home. (thank you honey) we moved to fulshear 2 years ago in august and i still have things that are unpacked in the attic. (i guess i dont need them too bad if i havent used them in almost 2 years) i have a problem with getting rid of stuff. (i bet you couldnt figure that one out!) i am also addicted to ebay. i know the mailman wonders about me because i get so many packages. maybe if i spend time blogging i wont have so much time to ebay. (ha!ha!) when im not at home my favorite thing to do is shop. so basically at home or away my favorite thing to do is shop. (neither makes the husband too happy) so stay tuned for more of my not so exciting life...

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Evelyn said...

OH Carol,
I love your blog! You are going to have to teach me how to do it. I love reading Amanda's and now I have yours to read alos. I am like you; I like keeping up with everyone's lives. Fun, fun!

Love Ya - Evelyn