Monday, June 23, 2008


weekend before last i went to dallas to the wedding of the daughter of my best friend in high school. it was such a fun time seeing old friends some of whom i havent seen since high school, and thats been a while ago! i also spent several days with the grandbabies! i take every opportunity to do that! i was able to drive the whole 5 hours without getting sleepy! now that is really something because usually i cant drive more than an hour or 2 without getting sleepy! i just cranked up the music REALLY loud and jammed all the way there to the oldies from back in the day when i was in high school! the only bad thing is now steve will expect me to drive more when we go on trips together! ive already told him i wont be able to do it because he wont be able to stand the music that loud. all in all it was a nostalgic weekend with some grandmothering on the side. MEME LOVES YOU OLI AND ELLA!

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