Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i have seen my grandchildren so much lately, that i am now having grandchild withdrawal! i think about holding ella and kissing her and chasing oli and playing games with him. ella will soon be to the age where she doesnt want to be held at all. she already is somewhat because she likes to roll around on the floor more then to be held. when she starts crawling that will probably be the end of the holding and if not then when she learns to walk which cant be too far behind. oli learns no telling how many new things everyday. he even surprises mandy sometimes at what he has picked up she doesnt know where. mandy is very good about reporting things they do and say to us, but i would still love to be there to see and hear it all in person. im sure im not the first grandparent to have had this feeling. steve and i have lived away from our parents for almost all of our married life. now i can see how it must have been for our parents. at least the granchildren dont live in arizona anymore! we get to see them SO much more often then we did then. ill just have to look forward to the next time i get to see them! i cant wait!

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LD said...

i have oli and ella withdrawl too! they're so precious!!