Monday, June 23, 2008


last weekend we went to utah for a family reunion of my husbands family. all 7 of his brothers and sisters were there and most of their spouses and children and grandchildren. there were quite a few of us there! i dont know the exact count but i know it was over 50 probably well over. we did a lot of talking, a lot of eating, had a barn dance, had a beauty pageant for the little girls, had a talent show, and some of us went rafting. that was a lot packed into 2 days! all in all i think everyone had a great time except maybe oliver, my grandson, towards the end. he kept asking to go to olivers house. he was ready to go home. his daddy told him they were going to drive in a car to the airport first, then get on a plane and fly, then change to another plane and fly some more, then drive home. his response was "no, go to olivers house first!" he is SO cute and SO smart! ella has 4 teeth now and will be crawling soon! i miss them already! i will be seeing them again in about a month at megans wedding if i can wait that long. otherwise i will have to make another trip to dallas before then to see them.

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