Sunday, June 8, 2008


the week between natalies wedding and open house mandy and the grandbabies were here. i just love spending time with the babies! everybody always talks about how great it is to be a grandparent but you dont really know how great it is until you experience it for yourself! they are so much fun to play with and kiss, although oliver doesnt like the kissing part too much anymore. ella may not like it too much either but she is still too little to fend you off! you just gotta kiss a baby though especially one as precious and beautiful as ella! sometimes you can bribe oliver out of a kiss. for example you can tell him i will do this for you if you will give me a kiss. maybe thats a little underhanded but you gotta do whatever it takes to get those kisses! i live for the times when oliver tells me he loves me! he can be so sweet when he wants to but it has to be his idea! i guess thats what being 2 is all about. right?

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