Sunday, August 24, 2008


this weekend we went to austin to take natalie out for her birthday dinner and to attend the wedding of megans friend michelle. megan flew in friday night and her and steve drove to san antonio saturday because michelle and her fiance were getting married in the san antonio temple. they are mormons. after that they drove to austin and met up with everybody else for the birthday dinner. emily, bossy, and i had driven to austin that morning. steve went back home in the afternoon and emily, bossy, and i went to the wedding reception. oh yeah, i forgot to say that megan was a bridesmaid in the wedding so she was already at the reception. then those of us still in austin spent the night at nat and matts house. this morning we got up and drove to houston and dropped megan off at the airport and then we came home. maybe it all sounds like a whirlwind trip and thats probably because it was! please tell me there are not going to be any more weddings for me to go to this summer! i really dont mind that much as long as im not the one hosting them! this is definitely the summer of the weddings for me! by the way if any of you cant figure out who bossy is its emilys boyfriend. his real name is basilio (i hope i spelled it right or emily will yell at me). megan gave him the nickname of bossy, but he really isnt bossy at all! i think megan has hung around too much with her aunt julie! julie is the one who gives everyone nicknames.

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New Mommy said...

I thought you were going to mention that emily was getting married and I was going to freak out!!!