Tuesday, November 25, 2008


a friend of mine gave me a letter and asked me to come up with 10 things i love that start with that letter. so here goes:
1.decorating-whether its for holidays or just my house!
2.death by chocolate bluebell ice cream-chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and brownie chunks! its only a limited release but its my favorite ice cream in the whole world!
3.danielle steele books-she is my favorite author! she writes 2 books a year and im always waiting for the next one to come out!
4.december-i love this time of the year and the christmas spirit!
5.debating-i like debating issues that i know something about!(especially with natalie!)
6.doing anything with my grandkids!!!(you know i had to get them in here somehow!)
7.dallas-because thats where my grandkids live!!!(well a suburb of dallas anyway! thats still in the dallas surrounding area!)
8.designing and making my own cards!
9.decorative painting-im not too good at it but i enjoy it!
10.done-being done with a project! its so fulfilling!
it was pretty hard, laura, but i enjoyed it! i have to say i did cheat at little and ask my family for help on a couple of them when i was really stumped! i really wanted to do this all myself but i wanted to get done before the new year!!! this took me several days to complete! if anyone else wants to give it a try just let me know and ill give you a letter!


Carol Beck said...

how did i do laura?

Lori Hurst said...

I think you 'Did' great! This looks hard!

Leslie said...

Way to go!! You came up with 10 DYNAMITE things! Give me a letter...I would love to blog about 10 things that I love.

Leslie said...

p.s. We really have a lot in common...Danielle Steele (one of my favorites is Zoya), Decorating, Death by Chocolate, Darling Family..... I could go on!

Carol Beck said...

ok leslie, your letter is M.