Wednesday, November 26, 2008


you want to know about stress? hows this- i just got my oven fixed today at 11 am and im having 8 people for thanksgiving dinner tommorrow!!! it will be megan, travis, travis' parents, emily, her boyfriend bossy, steve, and i for dinner. we are having a big thanksgiving breakfast with natalie and matt because they are eating dinner with matts family and then going back to austin for the university of texas/texas a&m game one of the biggest rivalries ever! texas should have no problem beating them unless they start thinking they will have no problem. all i have to say about it is "hook 'em horns"!!!!


Kenzee Jo said...

That's probably the worst nightmare...not having an oven for Thanksgiving. Doesn't really work without an oven :]

Leslie said...

SO glad your oven was fixed in time! What a stressful feeling that must have been!!