Monday, June 22, 2015

iM BaCk!!!!

after 3 1/2 years i decided i want 2 blog again!
drum roll plz!
i know all of u have been waiting 4 this moment since i stopped!
plz try 2 contain urselves!
now maybe i wont feel the need 2 write so many facebook posts about stuff a lot of people don't even care about! (or maybe not! maybe i ll just write twice as many! here & on facebook!)
i can write them on here
i gotta write them somewhere!
i might explode if i dont!
i dont have anybody 2 talk 2 very often so i need an outlet!
also lets face it!
i just LOVE 2 talk!
at least on here u can choose 2 read it or not
i know u can do that on facebook 2 but here it doesnt just pop up in ur face like it does on facebook
i just had a thought:
maybe I use so many ! in my writing because my life is an !
i feel everything strongly!
my highs r extreme & my lows r extreme!
my thoughts r going to jump around from 1 thought 2 the other in my writing bc thats the way they come 2 me in my head
random thoughts come into my head all the time
i'll b talkin about 1 thing & then i'll start talking about something else
this makes people really confused sometimes but thats just the way my brain works!
u c how my thoughts just changed from talking abt facebook and blogs to my highs & lows 2 random thoughts quickly!
just a little forewarning!

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