Friday, July 18, 2008


this week WEDDING STRESS has started to set in! i still didnt have a dress so i had to go and order one from the only place i knew i could get one on time and that it would fit me. i knew this because this is where i ordered the one for natalies wedding. even though it wasnt exactly what i wanted i had to do it because time was running out. i had to make the centerpieces. all 19 of them. i still need to find shoes and i just thought of the fact that steve doesnt have a tux ordered and since he will be walking her down the aisle i think he really needs one. im not sure if we have time to order one though. i have to go and pay for all the stuff at the club today and i need to do something about my hair! i had it colored at the first of the week and i tried a new color. NOT SMART with a wedding coming up! i said i wanted it a little lighter and i got a lot darker! it is almost black! i need to go to the grocery store and buy LOTS OF FOOD because there will be LOTS OF PEOPLE here! ive been trying to get all of this stuff done because megan is coming tonight and i know we will have a lot of last minute stuff to do next week. also mandy and the grandbabies are coming tonight and staying until after the wedding. i want to have some time to spend with them, too. natalie and matt will be coming in the morning for the shower. wednesday mother, laressie, and sonja will be flying in. thursday most of steves family will be coming. notice all of the ! and capital letters in this post. can you feel the anxiety? what am i doing here on the computer! i have so much to do!

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