Monday, December 31, 2012

~*~*~Im BaCk!!!!~*~*~

i bet your thinking LONG TIME NO HEAR FROM! (a famous quote by my hubbie, Steve. he gets his quotes a little mixed up sometimes. :) its a family joke now & we all use the expression). hope you dont have any ill effects from the shock! im thinkin about starting to blog again for the new year. actually it was previously mentioned hubbies idea (not that i have more then i)! i  used to really enjoy blogging a lot. gonna try it again!
ive been thinking a lot about resolutions & ive come up with 2 biggies!
 #1 is the same one i have every year~lose weight. fat chance of that happening! actually hubbie & i are going to give it a try together. maybe thatll help me have more success.
#2 is getting organized. this is a monumental task, but im gonna give it a shot. i get overwhelmed when i think about all there is to do
here are some suggestions this lady on tv gave for keeping resolutions:

be as specific as possibly
set short term goals
have a plan for when you get off track~get back on track asap
limit new changes~1 at a time
set a time limit
make many changes with spouse

losing weight:
rid home of temptations
reward your successes
expect to fall of track occasionally~get back on track asap

sound like some really good suggestions i think. huh?
gotta get back to pinterest, my obsession. it used to be facebook, but now pinterest has taken over the top spot. i still do facebook just not as often.if i didnt do facebook id never know what was going on in the world!

later alligator!

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