Friday, October 10, 2008


its been a month since ike and signs of it can still be seen everywhere.......tree limbs piled all over waiting to be picked up, signs down, and tarps on roofs. i was at a scrapbook store yesterday and they even had scrapbook paper with hurricane ike on it and the date! my sweet darling grandbaby girl gabriella is going to turn one next week! she is almost walking too so she will be a toddler soon! she cant possibly be that old! i remember the day she was born like it was yesterday! steve and i and all our girls will be there for her big day! we are really excited! my adorable genius grandbaby boy will be turning three in a couple of months! he is going to preschool now. i dont think they can teach him anything though because he knows all the preschool stuff already! he enjoys it anyway though being with the other kids. his sister and him stayed with us last weekend while their rents went to the texans/colts with their friends. we had a great time and they did too!

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