Sunday, October 19, 2008


this last week we went to dallas on wednesday night. steve had a customer to see on thursday and i just hung out with the grandbabies! on friday we all went to the state fair. all including steve, me, mandy, matt, oliver, gabriella, natalie, matt, megan, emily, and basillio. saturday was gabriellas first birthday party! it was a lot of fun! she is so precious to all of us! she actually took her first steps while we were there too!


Carol Beck said...

those little rectangles are where i was trying to put pics on the blog. guess i didnt learn so well.

Meggie said...

i can help you figure it out when you come here.

Nate and Lindsey said...

Yes I would love to make one for Gabby. What colors would you like? I will have time to make it this Sunday. Just pay me for the will cost around $15 for everything. I didn't know you were coming to Utah. Who else is coming? I am sure Megan is excited!!