Saturday, February 21, 2009


i've had a busy week getting back into the swing of things after the trip. tuesday i just stayed home all day and did laundry, unpacked suitcases, packed up valentines decorations, and etc. wednesday i had an appointment with the chiropractor. thursday i went to weight watchers. i have lost a total of 11 something pounds! not too bad for 3 weeks and a trip in that time. i didn't count points while on the trip, either. i also had dessett a couple of times. (you have to have cake at a wedding don't you?) i also went to a luncheon with the mormon ladies. friday i had another chripractor appointment and an appointment with my new therapist. i really like her! it's kind of a long way to go, but i'll do it because i really need it! she's in richmond right by terry high school. a busy but mostly good week. i called dr. parikh about the anxiety attacks i'm having almost every night. he upped my giodon and told me i might just have to take klonopin for the anxiety for a while. i don't like taking klonopin, because i know it's highly addictive, but i know my dr. knows what's best for me. he says i'll never get addicted, because i'm too concerned about getting addicted. besides he says it's only for a short period of time. i guess i'll just have to deal with taking it! it's better then the alternative! my mania has been manageable so i'm happy for that! i'm planning a trip to dallas next weekend. mandy's husband is going to be out of town. i'm sure we will have a lot of fun and i get to see the grandbabies! what more could i ask for?


Alisha said...

I was just wondering today where you had been! Glad you had a great week. And 11 lbs?? WOW! Great job!!! Hope I get to see you soon!

Carol Beck said...

hope to see you soon too!