Saturday, February 28, 2009


i'm in dallas now. my grandbabies are still as adorable as the last time i saw them! we went shopping at the outlet mall this morning. fun! fun! i have my credit card back now, but i didn't overdo it.(for those of you who don't know, steve had to take my cards away when i started being manic. i was spending like there was no tomorrow!) just bought a couple of things for me and some for mandy and emily. nothing for he grandbabies,(if you can believe that), because i already brought some things for them with me. tonight we are going to go out to eat at a REALLY good mexican restaraunt!

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Leslie said...

So glad that you got to spoil your grandbabies! Wonderful, wonderful! Hey, Thursday night is Girls Night Out, 7pm at Potbelly's. Potbelly's closes at 9pm so the "after party" is at my house! Hope you can make it.