Saturday, January 3, 2009


we got the deco out of the yard today! this is when you start asking yourself "why did we decorate so much?" its not in the attic yet but if i had to do that now i think i would say "just shoot me now!" jennifer your lack of decorating is looking better and better right now! (you can tell that we just got done taking it all down.) i havent even started on the inside of the house yet except the tree. the rest of it will be up to me! no telling how long that may take at my rate of speed! maybe ill just leave it up for next christmas. now thats a novel idea. christmas all year! that might take some of the magic out of it though dont you think? i dont think there would be much christmas spirit either although it would be nice to have it all year long! the financial aspect of it would be devastating too! ok! so its not such a good idea! i guess i just hadnt thought much about the consequences! megan and travis will go home tommorrow so the holidays will officially be over for us. it was a really good and long one but i guess its time to get back to reality. unfortunately REALITY STINKS!!!!!!!


Liz said...

I agree, reality stinks! And so does my house....I need to do laundrey.

Jennifer said...

Here here! I'm sorry the holiday is over - it's so sad when the family leaves.