Wednesday, January 7, 2009

gotta go quick and start doing something before steve comes home for lunch and asks what have you been doing all morning? i do this all the time. good thing he doesn't read my blog! shhhhhhh! i only have 10 minutes to make it look like i've been slaving away all morning and not been on the comp since i got up! do you ever do stuff like this? i figure it's his fault since he gave me the laptop for a gift? doesn't that sound logical to you?


Laura said...

It is so easy to spend lots of time on the computer! I just come on for a few moments, and next thing I know, a few hours have gone by. And, once again, I have done no housework!

Leslie said...

LOL! I have been on one of my "no time for the computer or else I will loose all of my time" kicks again. I SOOO understand where you are coming from!