Tuesday, January 13, 2009


a lot of people blog about their pets frequently. basically i can catagorize my relatioinship with my cats as a love/hate relationship- they love me, i hate them! well......i don't exactly hate them 100% i guess. if something happened to one of them i would be sad. (at least for a day or so), hey, i'm just a sentimental person. i was sad when my daughter got rid of her dog even though i never particularly liked the dog. it was a good decision for them though. also i wouldn't have anybody to talk to during the day. i guess i'd just have to talk to myself 100% which i do all the time anyway. it can really be embarassing if you do it out loud in a public placem though! (am i talkin' to any of you out there? do you feel me?) i think if i didn't have them soon the saddness would turn into- the joys of not having a pet!!!!! please, please don't anyone turn me in to the humane society! i might get put in animal prison and have to spend the rest of my life cleaning up after all those fuzzy creatures and fixing everything that they destroy!!!! am i a hard-hearted person or just tired of the negative side of pet ownership i ask? i do think kittens and puppies are adorable (if that counts for anything) but they do always grow up!!!


Liz said...

amen sister! I feel exactly the same. I have enough things in my house that eat, poop, and have to go to the doctor!

Jennifer said...

i hate pets.

Leslie said...

We do not believe in having pets in our family. I love animals but I don't love living with them. Kids and husbands require enough of my time and energy! I barely have enough left over for myself at the end of the day...let alone a pet!