Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i learned a valuble lesson today! sometimes it's best just to keep your BIG mouth shut! (even if you are just dying to answer back). i've always known this really and i've never been very good at it! i try to do it with my husband. nothing will stop an argument like silence! (if they don't get mad at you for not answering). also when you say something out of anger just to get back at the person that's bad too! (another thing that i already knew but did anyway!) i caused a mini crisis by doing these things and almost lost a friend in the process!


Leslie said...

Love you Carol. Hey, did you get my message about the Celtic Women concert? The box office won't let us trade in our tickets. can buy your own (perhaps nearby us) and we can still got to dinner before and visit during the intermission!

Leslie said...

Seriously the word verification that I had to type in for that last comment was "pissin"!! LOL!

Liz said...

Been there Carol! I need a piece of duct tape over my big mouth sometimes. Especially a certain week each month when I have mad cow disease--if ya know what I mean!