Saturday, January 31, 2009


just found out yesterday that jim hulse got the job in st.louis, so they will be moving there! jan will stay until the house sells, though. i have such mixed emotions about this! we have grown SO close, since we have become related by marriage (the marriage of our children). jan and i craft together and just love hanging out togeter, too! steve and jim have always hit it off and share the love of sports, also! i guess there will have to be some all night crafting slumber parties after jim leaves and some other marathon crafting going on! we will definitely go visit them and we hope they will come back to visit us! we are making plans for that. steve and i would like to go visit when the astros play the cardinals. navoo, (or however you spell it), isn't too far from there and steve would really like to go there. maybe sometime when megan and travis are there we could go there or vice versa. we are very thankful we had this time to get to know them! we believe the reason why they came here was so megan and travis could meet and now i guess there is a reason why they have to go to st. louis. they will be sorely missed, though, by many people here!!!!

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