Friday, January 16, 2009


i want to do a garden in the back part of our backyard beyond the pool fence. i want a winding path and different points of interest along the way. (sorta like the pics above) we already have a little hill back there that was made from the dirt they dug out when they were making the pool. i want the path to wind around it, too. i already have some of the things i want too put back there somewhere like a wishing well, wheelbarrow, and quite a few cement and clay animals. my biggest wish is that we could have a gazebo back there. steve says there isn't enough room! (we have an acre lot and the house and pool probably only take up half of it! how much room does he think the gazebo would take?) he has agreed that we can do the garden sometime, though. i hope we can get started soon! i can't wait to walk down my garden path and look at all the pretties! oh yea, i would want some flowers, too. they'd have to be ones that could take care of themselves, though, or we'd have to run the sprinkler lines back there. i am a terrible gardener! i never remember to water my plants until they start drooping! steve has to water them or they'd all have been dad long ago! i would like to have some kind of little fairies back there, too. maybe part of it could be a little fairy garden! wouldn't that be cute? oh, and i forgot to say benches along the way, too, so you could sit for a while. i already have these, too. steve has put them by the horse shoe pit, volleyball court, and trampoline. see! he already has the stuff he wants back there, so it's my turn now to put the stuff i want! i can't wait. right now i never go back there. steve likes to go back there and just walk around and check out his territory, i guess. that's probably why he knows exactly how many trees we have on our lot. (it was 100 the last time i knew and he has added some since then and had to cut a few down for different reasons) all of the trees were already on the lot when we moved here except the few that steve has had planted. actually the lot was what first attracted us to the place and then when we saw the house we knew it was the right place for us! we love it here! it is so quiet and peaceful. hardly any traffic. we even see deer here sometimes! (usually in the very early morning before i get up, but i have seen them quiet a few times. they also come out at night) we have been very blessed but steve has worked VERY hard for all that we have! i just hope he doesn't work too hard and have a stoke before he gets to retirement! (strokes run in his family at an early age. his dad died of a stroke at 61 and his grandfather at 59! steve will be 55 in april! i don't want to be an early widow! i can't live with the man, but i certainly couldn't live without him! i would be lost!) between his job and his church calling he is one busy man! then when he is at home he feels guilty if he isn't always doing something! i tell him all the time he needs to learn to relax and that it's ok to relax sometimes!!!! i don't think he believes me though! his dad was the same way. the family owns a ranch and he not only worked on the ranch, but had another full time job as well. his dad only lived a few years after he took early retirement from his full time job. (the ranch was also a full time job, actually) it always makes me sad that he didn't have more time to enjoy his semi-retirement. (he would have never retired from the ranch) steve says his dad wouldn't have had it any other way. do any of you have any other idea for my garden? i like to hear them.


Laura said...

I love pretty gardens - in someone else's backyard! I would only love one in mine if the gardener came with it. I have no desire to actually work in my backyard. But I will come and enjoy yours when you get it done!

Meggie said...

I like the idea of putting a garden back there! That would be really pretty!! One idea is you could put a fountain/ stream flowing through it. I love gardens with streams!

Dezaree said...

I will have to take a picture of our friends parents house in the summer. It is the most AMAZING thing that I have ever seen. Granted, it took he 21 years to get it the way she wanted, but nonetheless it is an awesome sight. I would love to have it or anything like the pictures you have posted, but I don't know if I have the patience to ever do anything like that. Not to kid of have to have a house and a yard to plant things.