Thursday, January 8, 2009


"In the 1950s, a group of mature Christian men discussed the questions: “How do we help new believers develop a relationship with God? What are the most critical and basic elements that will help them grow in their new life with Christ?”

They concluded that quiet time and memorizing Bible verses were the two most important practices to establish believers in the faith and keep them growing.

More recently one of the men was asked if, after all these years, he would still choose quiet time and Scripture memory as the most fundamental helps for becoming established in the faith.

His answer? “I’m more convinced than ever.”

Quiet time is about making space in your life every day to promote a deepening bond with Jesus Christ, a time of mingling Life to life.

Quiet time is not a solitary exercise, nor an independent enterprise.

It is a fellowship, an interchange, a communion, a friendship, a date with God."

~Jean Fleming, Feeding Your Soul, A Quiet Time Handbook

Lord, why would I want to miss communing with you today? Could anything be important enough to keep me away from a time to mingle with You?

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I'm joining MMM with a committment to memorize Phil. 2:1-18. Care to come along too? Prayerfully consider joining Mega Memory Month and making 2009 the year of the new you as His Word does His work within.

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