Friday, January 2, 2009


we took the christmas tree out today! usually im SO ready to get it out! im usually getting it out the day after christmas. we left it up for longer after christmas then we ever have! (we also got it up later then we ever have) i bought all new ornaments this year! ive been using the same ones forever! the girls were kind of sad that i didnt have any of the old ones on the tree. i started out to just buy some extra ones because the tree was bigger then weve ever had before but when i got through putting the new ones on the tree it was full! i guess i kinda got carried away! (shocker) i kept buying them up until just before i took it down actually. they are a lot cheaper after christmas! the tree was so dry needles were dropping everywhere. it had to go. i havent put up the other decorations yet but now that the tree is gone im ready to get them out too! i probably wont do it until megan and travis leave though. ive got better things to do while theyre here! were having a great time but that will end on sunday! gotta enjoy every minute!

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Laura said...

Our decorations are all down now. It's nice to have it put away, but I'm sad that Christmas is over. And my house looks kind of colorless without all the bright Christmas stuff.