Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i got off the comp long enough to do the dishes! (thanks, laura! i lol when i read your comment "step away from the comuter!") i hate handwashing dishes! some of them were left over since the new years eve party!(i'm so ashamed!) the dishwasher has been run several times since then just the handwash ones haven't been done! my future son in law did them once without being asked! (you see why i want him for my future son in law! steve just asked the other day "why don't they just go ahead and get engaged!" i guess he feels the same way! they say they are going to get married so why not go ahead and get engaged? emily says she doesn't want a long engagement and she doesn't want to marry him until he finishes school and gets a good job. he says he doesn't have any money! poor excuse i'd say! not really! she's only 20 after all! we just don't want him to get away! they already act like an old married couple!)
i'm taking a break now. steve still hasn't come home for lunch. i'd say i'm probably safe now because it's almost 1. boy i sure did get lucky today! on days like today i guess i should just title my blogsite: meanderings of a manic! i'm much more witty on these days though! i think they should add one more symptom to the list of ones that are signs of mania: blogs a lot! so......when you get a lot of blogs from me in one day you'll know what's going on!
now....back to the housework! yuck! i do have a good incentive though. i told emily i'd go to the first colony mall with her as soon as i got my housework done. i think that was 2 days ago!!!!! ha!ha! i have gotten all the christmas deco down and all the massive piles of laundry that accumulated during the holidays done since then though! i just have to put all the laundry away and i can go to the mall!!! yea!!! i hope she still wants to!


Those Dandy Dillards said...

Good job mommy - I don't like doing dishes either!

Meggie said...

Haha, I like how you called bossy your "future son in law". That made me laugh!

Carol Beck said...

emi and bossy say its going to happen.