Monday, January 5, 2009


-the adorable things that they say
-the open mouthed, juicy, slobbery kisses they give you (the juicier the better!)
-i get to shop for them (i love shopping for kids stuff)
-they are excited to come to my house
-the amazement at how intelligent they are
-the smiles they give me
- i get to babysit them (which is never often enough!)
-i get to go and visit them
-i get to read books to them
-i get to stay a child at heart through them
-i have an excuse to watch animated movies
-i have an excuse to watch kids shows on tv (like barney! i love barney!)
-the funny things that they do
-i get a chance to do kids crafts with them (or at least plan them. i never seem to get around to actually doing them)
- they say "i love you"
- they talk on the phone or webcam to me
- i get pics of them
-i get to have the meme bag and do things from it with them
-i get to relive the happpiest time of my life (raising my children) through them
-i get to dream about their future
-i get to see the love and pride on my childrens faces because of them
-i get to help play santa claus again
-i get to send presents for different holidays to them
-i love kids and mine own children are not kids anymore!
to be continued........
-(the they in all of the above, of course, are my grandbabies)

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Jennifer said...

I must admit - I stopped reading this post when I got to Barney. Who loves Barney!? I HATE Barney! I am truly flabbergasted that you like him.