Wednesday, January 7, 2009


last night steve convinced me to go to bed with him at 9:45! yes, you are reading that correctly 9:45! he said we could read for a while but by the time i had taken my meds, turned out all the lights, and locked the doors he had finished reading and had the lights out. he said i could read longer if i wanted to and turned over and started snoring. he goes to sleep faster then anyone i know! i read for about 15 minutes and then got sleepy so i turned out the lights and soon went to sleep. well.....i slept unitl 9:30 this morning and have been on the comp ever since. i think the more i sleep the more i want to sleep! i woke up with the zombie feeling again and all i wanted to do was finish off the key lime pie in the fridge which i did! so.........this is why i don't go to bed early!!!!!!

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