Saturday, January 31, 2009

PAMPERED CHEF PARTY the stampin' up party was SO much fun that i've decided to have a pampered chef party. rosie (emily's boyfriends's sister) sells it, so i wanted to help her out and there are some things i've been wanting to get from pampered chef, anyway. it will be wednesday, february 4 at 7:00 pm. everyone is welcome and don't feel pressure to buy. i sincerely don't care if you do or don't. i just want to have fun! (you know girls just wanna have fun!) oh, and the food she's making sounds really yummy. it's going to be ceasar salad pizza and non-sinful brownies(not the correct name, but something like that). they are both low-calorie. (since i'm going back to weight watchers now). hope to see you her!

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Jennifer said...

I'm sorry I won't be there. I WOULD like the Classic Scraper, however, and tell me how to get you my $10.50 plus tax (or whatever the price will be). THANK YOU!