Wednesday, January 21, 2009


you should have know i'd have more of these after this week:

-when gabby says my name
-when i ask oli if he loves me and he says yes
-when i see them wearing the clothes i have given them
-when i see them playing with the toys i have given them
-when i do crafts with oli
-when oli wants me to watch his shows with him and points out things to me in them
-when gabby says umh (meaning yes) in her own special way
-when gabby slides down the slide and says wheeee (i taught her this)
-when they do pretty much anything i taught them
-when gabby waves bye everytime she leaves a room
-when i get to spend special one on one time with them
-when oli came in the bathroom right after i got out of the shower and said "meme, your hair!"(i
thought he'd be scared for life by the sight of my grotesque naked body!)
-when i get to babysit them
-when i get to play outside with them
-when i sing songs, do poems, or do fingerplays with oli
-when oli goes out to my car with me and helps me carry stuff in
-when gabby smiles (her smile could light up the world)
-when i play ball with oli (he's going to be a pro baseball player someday if he can just get the
catching down! or maybe a pro basketball player! he's got the skills!)
-when they show how smart they are (i'm sure they get it all from me! ha!ha!)
-when other people notice how adorable they are
-when they won't go to other people (not including their parents, of course) but they'll go to me

to be continued........

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