Sunday, January 18, 2009


i find that when i am manic i am very spiritual and when i am depressed i am not. as you can tell lately i have been very spiritual and also very manic. i wish i could stay on the very spiritual side. i finally called the dr. on friday and he's changing my meds. hopefully that will get things under control. this up and down thing isn't a good thing, although there are perks to being manic. i get a lot done and life seems to be so much better. there are bad things too. i spend A LOT of money and that doesn't go so well with steve. i have A LOT of anxiety and that really isn't fun either. sometimes i say and do stupid things. (even more so than usual!) i can't thing of anything good about being depressed, though!!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, this is SO ME. I feel like I'm spiritually cut off when I'm depressed. I think, though, that I'm still getting so much help from the Lord, I just can't tell. Man, how bad would it be if He really let go?!

Leslie said...

ditto! hang in there Carol