Sunday, January 11, 2009


so steve had to go to this thing last night for church. it was a thing for the young men and young women about missionary work. they wanted people to volunteer to be people who weren't members of their church that the kids were coming to talk to about the church. the people were supposed to ask them questions. who could be better suited for this them me?(besides i didn't want to stay home alone all afternoon and night!) i thought hmmm........ this could be fun! so i prepared some really good questions to ask them with scriptures to back them up. when i got there i found out that we were supposed to only ask them questions about the topics they were assigned to talk to us about! drats!!!! i had some really good questions that i don't think they would have known the answer too. when i saw how nervous some of them were i decided that would have been kind of mean though. when i told josh jones, their bishop, about my questions he said "well.......i guess you'll just have to talk to me about them!" i don't think he thought i would say yes, but i said "i would love to!" he said he'd have us over for dinner some night and we could discuss it! i told you i love to debate! the biggest treat of the night was the dance though! steve had to chaperone for that. it was really fun to watch all those teenagers! dancing sure is different these days!!! oh yea, we got to stay for dinner too and they had a potato bar! yum yum! i'm always up for food! (and it shows!) actually the dance wasn't the best part after all now that i think about it. they had some neat shops down at the town square. i love town squares because it reminds me of the town i grew up in. i only had time to go to one of them though! i'm going to have to go back sometime to go to the other ones!

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Laura said...

My boys loved that activity! I'm glad you had a good time too. And thanks for being nice to the kids! It might have been bad if you had made one cry with your questions!