Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 TAG

who kissed you on new years? steve
new years resolution? probably to lose weight like every year! one year i actually did it!
does it snow where you live? maybe once every 5 years or so. it did snow this year.
do you like hot chocolate? love it
have you ever been to times square to watch the ball drop? no and i wouldnt want to. to many people!
who was your valentime? steve
did you do anything romantic? went out to eat probably. thats what we usually do every year.
do you care if the groundhog sees his shadow? i want him to see his shadow because i like to hold off summer as long as possible.
what did you receive for valentines day? a pendant that i bought for myself at james avery
are you irish? i dont think so but my sister was born on st. patricks day if that counts!
do you like cornbread, beef, and cabbage? sure
what did you do for st. patricks day? probably nothing
are you happy when winter is pretty much over? absolotely not!!! we have way too much hot weather around here!!
do you like the rain? yes
did you play an april fools day joke on anybody this year? i dont think so
did you get tons of candy for easter? well i bought lots of cadbury mini eggs if that counts
do you celebrate 4/20? what holiday is 4/20 besides steves grandmothers birthday?
do you love the month of april? well, i love someone who was born in the month of april-steve
what is your favorite flower? hydrangea
finish this statement: "april showers bring"......may flowers like me!!!
do you celebrate may 16 national piercing day? i guess i should since i have a total of 7 holes in my ears, but i didnt know about it!
is may anything special to you? my birthday is may 8, natalie and matt got married in may
what year did you graduate from high school? 1974
did you do anything fun during this month? went to a beck family reunion, went to brenham and stayed at a bed and breakfast for our anniversary
do you have a favorite baseball team? the houston astros of course!!
what did you do on the 4th of july? went to a party at the hulses, megans in laws
did you go to the fireworks? yes, in the big city of fulshear where we live
did you blast the a/c all day? yes, just like every other day from april until october!
what was your favorite summer memory of '08? ill have to say 2- natalaie and megans weddings
did you have a sunburn? of course the first time i went in the pool!
did you go to the pool a lot? yes, we have a pool in our backyard!
are you attending college/school? no
do you like fall better then summer? absolutely, although september is still pretty much like summer here!
what happened this month? hurricane ike came to here and i went to dallas!
what were you for halloween? a 50s girl because steve was a 50s guy to match his car which looks like a hotrod
what is your favorite candy? anything as long as its chocolate!
what was your favorite part about this month? some cooler weather!
whose house did you go to for thanksgiving? stayed home and had 3 of my kids and spouses and travis' parents here
what are you thankful for? family, health, living in this country, material blessings
do you like stuffing? i love it!
anything special in this month? i went to utah to visit megan and travis and the election!
do you celebrate christmas? you betcha! its my favorite holiday!
have you ever been kissed under the missletoe? cant remember
did you get anything special for christmas? i got a bracelet with my grandbabies names on it
what do you want for christmas this year? fossil purse, wii, wii fit
what do you love most about december? christmas spirit, family coming, buying gifts for everybody and watching them open them

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