Thursday, December 11, 2008


i just got my santa collection out and put it in the curio cabinet! i love it! i havent had it out for quite a few years. i didnt realize just how many until i got it out and found a santa i had been looking for for many years. i couldnt figure out what happened to it! i wonder why i didnt ever think of looking in the santa collection box! duh!!! i have a lot of collections! as far as seasonal collections other then the santa collecion i have a snowman collection, a scarecrow collection, and a rabbit collection. i collect willow tree angels, james shore, snowbabies, calico cats, lilliputt lane cottages, roosters, americana, primitives, angels, butterflies, birds, minatures, candle holders, craft supplies (not really meant to be a collection but my kids say it is. i would use them if i had access to them thus the need to get my craft room organiazed!), purses, shoes, jewelry (hey at least i can use the last 3), and many more cool things. some of these are active collections and some are inactive and in the attic (no wonder my attic is full). also i have stuff that kids have given me over the years when i was a preschool teacher and aide. i cant bear to get rid of any of them (these are in my attic as well). the memories of those precious children warm my heart! i think if you get rid of a gift that anybody gives you then you didnt really appreciate the gift. i am so sentimental about some things its pathetic but i think thats better then not being sentimental about anything!!! my children do not share my sentimentality. they are more like their dad. they love to throw stuff away! they have to hide stuff in the garbage can from me when they throw it away! there has to be a happy medium i just havent found it! im not sure if i even want to to be honest! I LIKE MY STUFF!!! unfortunately steve doesnt share this with me. it has caused problems for us. he is a minimulist (or however you spell it! im pretty sure thats not the right way. as i said im losing my ability to spell!) ok this is getting old! if i think of more collections ill let you know. or maybe not! this is making me sound more and more looney!


Lori Hurst said...

I have to admit - that is an impressive number of collections! I would love to see your Santa collection. Take a few photos! I also collect jewelry - or I just like to buy it, but it has become a sizeable amount from different countries, etc, so I guess it is a collection!

Carol Beck said...

if i knew how to i would put pics on here