Sunday, December 21, 2008


finally went to bed at 5am and why you may ask did i get up at 8am? well....someones cell phone kept ringing!!! i got up and found out it was steves. he had left it here. i dont even know how to answer it!! ( i only know how to use my own phone.) now im awake sorta! i went out to the garage to get some caffeine (our coke fridge is in the garage) and "baby its cold outside!" I LOVE IT!!! i went barefooted as usual and i sorta got my toes frozen. (well cold anyway) "I STILL LOVE IT!!!" sometimes it doesnt take much to make me happy!!! (but then other times it takes quite a lot! it just depends on which "mood" im in- manic or depressive) the weatherman was right again!! i was afraid he wasnt going to be when he said it was going to cool off! now if we could only have snow for christmas!!!! i think that might be asking a bit much but i just wish it would be cool!! is that too much to ask for? i think not but i hear that its supposed to be in the 70s! oh well- once again "christmas in the tropics"!

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