Friday, December 12, 2008


well the" keep austin bizarre" was well...... bizarre!!!! it was typical austin! kinda funky! a little too funky for me! one thing i did like though was the jewelry! what jewelry dont i like? i got an adorable hat for gabby too! i hope she will wear it. she wont keep bows in her hair anymore so im not sure if shell keep a hat on. we didnt stay too long though because of my knee and also my other leg that has been hurting for a while if i stand up on it too long. i guess ill be immobile soon!! it was fun spending time with nattie and matt though. we ate at some good places and she helped me order wedding photos from her wedding and make my photo christmas cards. shes even helping me make labels so i dont have to address them. every year i say im going to make my christmas cards and this year emily said she would help me so i thought it might really happen. then every year i dont get around to it and end up doing something else at the last minute! soon i can mark another thing off my list. christmas cards!

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