Tuesday, December 9, 2008


8 things i did yesterday:
1-washed clothes
2-put away clothes
3-straightened up the family room
4-went to an ornament exchange
5-went to the grocery store twice
6-cleaned out the litter box
7-ordered all of the rest of my christmas presents online
8-swept up leaves

8 things i look forward to:
1-seeing my grandbabies again
3-the leaves going away
4-spending time with my kids during the holidays
5-cooler weather
6-having my craft stuff organized so i can use it
7-snow (they say we are having some tommorrow but ill believe it when i see it!)
8-more craft classes

8 restaurants i like:
1-olive garden
2-red lobster
6-boston market
7-chuck a rama in utah
8-in and out burger in arizona

8 things on my wish list:
1-to go to heaven when i die
2-to be happy
3-to have goals
4-to lose weight
5-to be respected by my children
6-to live a long life
7-to have a room for all my grandbabies toys and stuff
8-to have friends

8 favorite tv shows:
1-all my children
2-one life to live
3-general hospital
4-the young and the restless
7-american idol
8-dancing with the stars

i got this one off of someone elses blog also. try it. its fun!

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Leslie said...

olive garden sounds GOOD right now. Lets go soon!!