Tuesday, December 16, 2008


we FINALLY got the christmas tree decorated last night!!! we put all the new ornaments on first that i had bought and made because i knew this tree was bigger then we had ever had before so we would need more. well ......im not sure we have room for the old ones! i kinda got carried away buying them. how unusual for me to get obsessive!!! actually emily has made some ornaments this year too! she has really gotten into it! i think she is enjoying it. the last gift got purchased yesterday too. i was planning to put out the stuff i bought yesterday for the front yard but it was SO cold i couldnt bring myself to do it!!! i was SO happy when i went to kirklands and they had all their christmas decorations marked down. there was a santa i had been wanting to buy for the yard but i couldnt bring myself to pay the regular price they wanted for it. they only had one of them and i never expected them to still have it. it was almost half of the origanal price!! i found a snowman for the yard really cheap too. i guess there is something to be said for decorating late!!!

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