Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i am -loud!
i want- to have goals!
i have -a lot to be thankful for!
i miss-when my kids were little!
i fear-death for me or anyone close to me!
i hear-music in my head all the time!
i search-for a purpose in my life!
i wonder-what will happen to me when i get old!
i regret-not spending more individual time with my kids when they were growing up!
i love-my family!
i forgive-with great diffuculty!
i ache-when i stand up for a very long time!
i always-forget stuff!
i try-to not show my feelings!
i am-creative!
i seem-happy but im not!
i know-i make my own happiness!
i feel-like something bad is going to happen if i feel too happy!
i dance-with my grandkids!
i dream-of different ways to change my home decor around!
i give-hugs now and i didnt always! they are wonderful!
i listen-to small children! they can tell you so much!
i sing-all the time!
i laugh-a lot when megans around and i love it!
i cant-stay off the computer for very long!
i write-a lot of and very long blog posts most of the time!
i cry-a lot! especially when im trying not to!
i sleep-a lot!
i am-depressed!
i see-poorly without my reading glasses when im trying to see close up!
i need-understanding!
i should-lose weight and exercise!
i got this off someone elses blog. try it! its fun! id like to read yours!


Liz said...

I loved this! I feel like my answers would be a lot like yours. At least in the sleepy, depressed, want to set goals category. But today is not that day (for goals) because I'm about to crawl in my bed and read til' I have to pick my kids up from school! And by read I mean listen to my books on tape!

Carol Beck said...

i think we must be a lot alike too! bipolar power!