Monday, December 29, 2008


2009 glassesalmost every year i make new years resolutions. i usually never keep them. so why make them you might ask? i like the feeling of starting over anew! i start out with such high aspirations! i want it to make me really do some soul searching this year! ive bought several books about what to do with the rest of your life when you are facing the empty nest. i even bought an 8 week workbook to figure it out! maybe i will have to delay the resolutions until i finish the workbook. thats ok though because i want to come up with some really good ones that i feel are attainable and that will be really worthwhile! i need to make even longer range goals too. that is what is lacking in my life right now. ive known this for a while but just havent done anything about it! i think maybe i have just figured out what my new years resolution should be! to set goals for the rest of my life! this blogging thing isnt just idle chatter! its almost as good as a therapist and a lot cheaper!


Liz said...

I love reading your blog!! I don't care if it is in Hebrew, as long as it's your thoughts!
I loved hearing about your Christmas. So Megan really is that happy and giggley all the time? Always has been? Wow. I love it. I wish I were more that way.
It sounds like you are one of the world's best grandmas. Really. I'm kinda wishing I was one of your grandkids! I'm not saying your old enough by any means! I'm just sayin' what a lucky spot those kids are in. So much love, so much fun!
I think the empty nest workbook is a fabulous thing. I think the New Year's Resolutions that are thought out and carefully made are a wonderful thing. I spent many years doing the same old stuff and always failing, until one year I thought about it alot, and decided on one attainable thing, and I actually succeeded! Now I love New Year's Resolutions! Go for it, girl!

James and Shelley said...

Hey Carol, it's Shelley (Simiskey)! I was reading an article the other day about goals and it was saying that sometimes it's not always obtaining the goal that is important, but the fact that we are growing as we are working towards that goal... I kind of liked that thought... maybe because I don't always make it to the end of all of my goals :) I like this time of year when I can make new years resolutions, too! I haven't made mine yet either, but being healthier is usually on the list and then I know I am going to at least try ;) I love reading your blog it's very inspiring!!

Happy New Year!!!