Sunday, December 14, 2008


heres another one of those christmas tags that i saw on a friends blog. i think they are so fun to do. thanks laura for the idea:
hot chocolate or spiced cider- i love them both! i can not be forced to choose although i do make hot chocolate more!
ham or turkey- ham is for christmas, turkey is for thanksgiving. doesnt everyone know that?
candy canes or peppermints- "whats the difference" other than the shape, so i guess id have to say i like them both. of course i do. they are sweet. but i dont like the bitter ones!
pumkin pie or sweet potato pie- another one of my "rules" is pumpkin pie is for thanksgiving and i love it! once again of course i like it its sweet! i dont think ive ever had sweet potato pie but i imagine its a lot like pumpkin.
red or green sprinkles- im with laura.....i wasnt aware there was a difference in the taste. once again they are sweet so i like them. are you seeing a pattern here? i think i could say "i never met a sweet i didnt like" and it shows on my body!!!
real or fake- weve had both. we always had real ones when we lived in wyoming and cut our own. when we moved to texas we had real ones for a while and then decided they were too expensive. last year we got a prelit one. that was pretty handy. the good thing about fake is no mess and they dont get dried out! i miss the smell of a real one though!! this year we have a HUGE real one and i LOVE it!
angel or star on top: star. can you believe i gave a one word answer!
garland or tinsel- neither. we had both when i was growing up but i prefer the focus to be more on the ornaments! also i like the trees best that are so thick you cant really put garland on them.
solid or blinking lights- i like to have both so that the tree is never completely unlit.
wrapping paper or bags- i like both but i like bags because they are SO easy. ive set up all night christmas eve wrapping presents before! my kids hate bags! in fact they made an ornament one year that said "no bag christmas" and they hang it on the tree every year. i have abided by their wishes so far since they made that but this year i might rebel against my childrens authority and have some bags just because I LIKE BAGS! they are also great for those gifts that you dont have a box for or are odd shaped.
stocking or presents first: santa and stockings first always!
all at once or in turn- we do it one at a time starting with the youngest first. it makes it last longer and you get to see what everybody else got.
christmas eve or christmas morning- christmas morning
get up early or sleep in- we used to get up VERY early when the kids were little. it was just easier to go ahead and get up then to have them keep bugging us! we would go back to bed later. the older they get the later they sleep in.
i challenge you to do some of these tags. they are too fun!!! maybe i have more time on my hands then most of you though!

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