Thursday, December 18, 2008


i decided to do this hubbie tag i saw on randis blog. i like doing them too!
1.hes sitting in front of the tv. what is on the screen? i can only be one of 3 things-sports, news, or politics!
2.youre out to eat. what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? thousand island always!
3.whats one food he doesnt like? onions!!! go out to a bar. what does he drink? first of all we would never go out to a bar but if we did he would drink diet coke
5.where did he go to high school? manila high school in manila, utah
6.if he were to collect anything what would be? i am the collector in the family and i cant see him ever collecting anything but if he did it would probably be golf balls
7.what size shoe does he wear? 10 1/2
8.what is his favorite type of sandwich? leftover turkey from thanksgiving
9.what would he eat everyday if he could? bbq
10.what would he never wear? an earring
11.what is his favorite sports team? theres no way i can limit it to 1. he likes the jazz, the astros, and byu
12.what is something you do that he wishes you wouldnt do so much? spend money many states has he lived in? california, utah, wyoming, colorado, and texas
14.what is his heritage? danish bake him a cake for his birthday. what kind of cake would it be? he doesnt like cake so he would go for an ice cream cake from baskin robbins
16.did he play sports in high school? yes, basketball
17.what could he spend hours doing? playing chess mostly on his computer lately
i challenge all of you to try it!!!


Sarah said...

#1 I love love LOVE your husband.

#2 I hate, hate, HATE onions too.

Carol Beck said...

better watch out i might get jealous! ha!ha!